"International Errorists" were founded, in November 2005 in the city of Buenos Aires, composed by members from Argentina, Brasil, Bolivia, Chile, Columbia, Venezuela, Mexico, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Canada, Rumania, Croatia, United States and Japan; during the campaign in order to repudiate the presence of George W. Bush and the reunion of all presidents of America ("Summit of the Americas") in the city of Mar del Plata -- Argentina

International Errorists participated in the counter-summit called "Summit of the People" where an international encounter of social organizations, farmer movements, left-wing parties, NGO's and independent media organizations, trade unions and student organizations. Different demonstrations and cultural acts were realized.

The context was the one of a city surrounded by police and military. The center of the city was closed, guarded by three security cords. Also Marines of the USA could be seen supervising the streets and beaches. There the first declaration which introduce today/now this manifest "WE ARE ALL ERRORISTS", together with series of errorist actions which were realized during the street protests and demonstrations.
Errorism emerged by error: In times of censorship we see ourselves complied to force language, bring metaphors to their maximum point, speaking without calling. As using the word (T)erroism or "(T)errorist" for the symbolical weight and the "danger" that this represents, we escaped by onto a game of words. Like this Errorism emerged, by error. While writing the text somebody forgot to tap a key.

Today, errorism and its actions receive wide help form the international community, disspreading their practices and their philosophy, being satisfied with new autonomous cells of International Errorists which expand all over the world.
We have to return the like the System a bit of ist own venom. ERROR and MORE ERROR!!
Unite in the files of International Errorists!


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